Who is Mama Raw?

IMG_1218Mama Raw, aka Ashley, is a recovering stay-at-home mom who is alternately overwhelmed to the point of tears (or at least swear words) by the demands of motherhood and breathtakingly enamored with the world’s most amazing preschool girl and toddler boy.

She created Mama Raw as an outlet to express the intense experiences and emotions of motherhood as well as the intelligent thought it generally stifles.

Ashley enjoys outdoorsy stuff like hiking, camping, and canoeing.  Before her own kids were sucking the life out of her, she was an environmental educator, playing in the woods and dealing with other people’s kids’ shit (literally).

Yep, she’s been called a hippie, although you wouldn’t know it to look at her.  Maybe it’s the homebirthing and cloth diapering or the Master’s in Environmental Studies or that one five-week period she didn’t take a shower.  Who knows?

Writing is Ashley’s second favorite therapy.  Whiskey is her first.  But she’s currently breastfeeding and bedsharing, so writing it is.

Read on to find out how a double X chromosome put the “Mama” in Mama Raw and how Ashley began fulfilling a lifelong dream of grooming a mama’s boy.

One thought on “Who is Mama Raw?

  1. Proud to say I knew you when… Your thoughts resonate with me. I, too, have been inspired to love my children more freely, more unconditionally, more fully than ever before. Every day is a blessing–God grant me the wisdom to live in that knowledge.

    Mrs. Cap

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