For the love of blogging

When I decided to challenge myself to blog each day this month, I assumed that some days I’d have something meaningful to say, but on others I’d fill the void with details of my day.  Not because I thought you’d want to know, but because what the heck else was I going to write about?

Along the way I realized two things:  1. Knowing I had to write something meant I kept my eyes peeled for inspiration; I was more aware of all that was going on around me.  2. Writing everyday was a process of self-reflection, some of which–good, bad, or boring–I decided to share with you.

I reached my goal.  I posted everyday, and each post was meaningful to me, not just “Dear Diary, I was spit up on six times today” kind of stuff.

It was challenging.  It was thought-provoking, fun, and habit-forming, too.

February is at its close, and while it is an ending, it is also a beginning.  On day one I said I wanted to make this effort for the love of my blog.  Surely, my appreciation and dedication to it have grown tremendously over the past 29 days.

And for one reason or another, yours has too.

The average daily and weekly page views quadrupled, Facebook “fans” increased, and subscribers nearly doubled.

“If you build it. . .,” right?

That’s not what it’s about, of course.  First and foremost, I blog for me.  But I’m overjoyed to have others along for the ride.  Because it would be lonely in the car without you.  I need my internet community.

Obviously, I’m still going to be here.  And with greater frequency than I used to be.  I’m also going to be working on some non-bloggy things I’ve been neglecting for a while.  Like my husband.  And that stack of 15 books on my nightstand.  (Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve read a book?  Yeah, me either.)  And the birth doula training and business development I’ve slacked on for the past uh, year.  So if you know any pregnant women in the Houston area looking for a doula. . .

OK, enough debriefing.  Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll see you here tomorrow.


Most likely.

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